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Why Russian women are so attractive and how to conquer them


Life is incredible in its diversity, and so are women. Russian women are known for their beauty, Ukrainian women are thought to be housewifely, while American brides are considered to be friendly and open-minded. In fact, each of the nationalities has some characteristic and sometimes even peculiar features that differentiate them from the others. But in the end it’s a matter of taste and choice with whom you prefer to socialize and build a relationship.

Intermarriages are becoming more and more popular (see, there’s even a special word for that notion). Usually these are marriages between women from Eastern Europe and men from all over the world.

• Why do you think Russian and Ukrainian brides are so sought-after?

• What makes foreigners come to Russia and other post-soviet countries looking for brides instead of marrying someone from their mother-land?

• What is so special about Russian women that they are believed to be better wives than women from other countries?

Here’s the list of characteristics that most foreigners note about Russian wives:

Well, probably the most obvious point is the fact that Russian women are incredibly beautiful.

Absolutely all of them take pride in looking gorgeous and feminine each and every day irrespective of occasion. Sometimes foreigners even think that Russian girls are overdressed, seeing as they are accustomed to a completely different way of dressing. Have you ever watched a Russian beauty contest? If not, you definitely should. Nothing will bring you more aesthetic enjoyment than watching these gorgeous women walking languidly down the catwalk. But the most curious fact about Russia is that you see these incredibly beautiful women in the streets, in cafes, restaurants – almost everywhere you go. It’s not only TV or beauty contests where you see beautiful women. In Russia they are everywhere, and foreigners always remain astonished at this fact after visiting Russia.

Russian brides value their femininity

At first sight it sounds kind of awkward and outrageous. It would be natural to think that all women do, why wouldn’t they? But when you take a closer look at what’s going on in the world, you would also come to believe that not all women cherish their femininity. It’s a strange time we live in. Women and men seem to have changed their social roles immensely, and it’s not that simple anymore. Women perform jobs that were thought to be men only occupations, while men start working in women-only fields. This has significantly changed the world view and affected positions that men and women occupy. Feminine movement has brought something to the table too. All these factors point out that women who are not spoilt by feministic slogans and do cherish their femininity are in high demand. This is what makes Russian brides so unique – they can be both beautiful and feminine, and at the same time they can make you feel like a real man.

Most of Russian brides are family-oriented

If you are willing to build a family, you’d better consider marrying a Russian girl. As it’s been said above, the world view has changed immensely, so are the family values. According to the statistics modern men and women don’t hurry to commit and get married. Same goes about having children. Building a family is not a priority anymore. There are lots of other things to do:

• build a career;

• enjoy yourself;

• travel;

• fulfill all sorts of your dreams;

• do almost anything, just not marry and have kids.

But if you are a family-oriented man, you should know that in post-soviet countries people are more conservative and this destructive influence hasn’t reached them yet.

Russian brides allow men to court them

And again this heading sounds a bit unfair to other nationalities, but it has its point. Due to the overall spread of the feminist movement, relationships between men and women have changed. The very basis of this relationship has changed and to some women it appears inappropriate for men to court them. Modern women are thrilled to take revenge on men for depriving them of lots of opportunities in the past, and they are eager to prove men that they are equals or even better than men. Such approach gives a man no opportunity to court a woman in an old-fashioned way, because she will think that he doesn’t take her as an equal and feels superior. Luckily, not all women feel insulted when men try to open a door in front of them or give them a hand. Russian brides don’t. It seems natural for them to accept men’s help and attention, and they allow men to court them, protect them, spoil them and take care of them. That’s how life works – men will never appreciate women they don’t invest in. So why not give them a chance to feel masculine and all-mighty?

All the aforementioned points clearly state that Russian brides are extraordinary and there’s no better way of building a strong relationship than marrying a conservative Russian/Ukrainian girl. So now that we know that Russian girls are worthy of our careful attention, let’s figure our where we find them and more importantly how we can conquer them!

So, where do we look for a Russian bride?

• If you are willing to marry a beautiful Slavic girl, welcome to Russia and all post-soviet countries!

That’s probably the most obvious answer, isn’t it? Looking for a Russian bride? Pack your luggage and go exploring endless beauties of this incredible country (here we are referring to all sorts of landmarks and monuments Russia abounds in). Such journey will help you kill two birds with one stone – firstly, you’ll be able to find a girl of your dreams and secondly you’ll get a chance to explore a great country with a thousand-year history heritage. You’d be surprised but some people pursuing the first goal written above sometimes get absorbed by the second one and forget about their primary intention to find a girl. But let’s focus on the marriage matter.

• Check out small Russian communities in all major cities of the world.

It’s been many years since immigration became possible for almost any nationality. That’s why you can easily find a Russian community in almost any major city. If you’re an American citizen check out San-Francisco – there are lots of Russians there. If not, don’t worry. This point is true to people in almost any corner of the world. Try to google it: usually these communities have separate pages on facebook, where all events that might be of some interest for them are posted. Ask to follow the page and here you are – you know about all the Russian gigs in the locality. That’s a good place to start, right?

• Try registering on a dating site

That’s the last but definitely not the least point. Online dating has become extremely popular with the increase of Internet use. It’s been a novelty in the 90s, but now we are already accustomed to that. I mean it when I say that there are very few people who haven’t tried it and who haven’t gotten something interesting out of it. All the limits are blown off and you can get acquainted with anybody, even from the most distant place in the world. So why not trying to find your soul-mate online?

We find it necessary to devote some time to warning you about all sorts of Internet scams.

So how does it actually work? Well, Internet can be both useful and dangerous, we all know that. There are lots of people who try to take advantage of others and make some profit. If you’re a reasonable person, you’d better stay away from them. But it often happens that the trouble starts where you don’t expect to find it. Unfortunately it refers to online dating. On one hand online dating gives you a chance to meet people from other countries, expand your horizons, and try something new and exotic. On the other hand it appears to be a bit tricky, since it gives all the opportunities for scamming. In order to help you detect scam we provide you with the list of tips and indications that something’s wrong with your supposedly loving “Russian bride”.

• She contacts you first.

That’s probably nothing; we don’t have anything against initiative girls. But if the membership on the dating site you’ve registered at is not free, overactive girls can raise some suspicions. Just think, it doesn’t cost them anything to chat with you, and you at the contrary have to pay a great deal of money for that. The truth is that not all the girls are that much eager to commit. On the contrary they are paid just to chat with you and make you spend more money for membership.

• Some of her pictures are a bit enticing.

We’re not being prude, we just think that showing enticing pictured to anybody, to people you don’t even know is cheap and unworthy of a lady. Ideally people register on dating sites looking for serious relationships, and people judge you basing on what you write to them and what they see in your profile. What’s your impression of a girl who has pictures of her lying half naked in bed? One would say that it’s nothing, others will think that it apparently gives you “come and take me” look.


• Her life story is awfully sad

Yes, it happens that people are misfortunate. It would be foolish of us to deny that. But it appears suspicious that every second girl on the dating site has some sad story to tell. Firstly, it’s not something you tell a person that you’ve met a minute ago on Internet, right? Keep in mind that Russians aren’t that willing to share such intimate and personal information with strangers, and they would never tell you anything like this if only you’re not close friends. Secondly, why bother a complete stranger with such intimate details? Sometimes use such tricks to make men excite pity and eventually send money.

Her writing style and even her ability to write in English seem to change from time to time

That’s something what we call a red flag that has to warn you immediately. It clearly says that you are not communicating with one and the same person all the time. If she doesn’t speak English at all it maybe explained by the change of a translator who works for the site, but that’s probably the only possible and decent explanation. If your girl claims to speak English you should keep an eye on the way she expresses herself. Nobody can suddenly change his/her writing style.

• Her letters are long, but too vague.

Each and every letter costs you some money and some people can attempt to make additional profit out of it. If she doesn’t answer your questions, doesn’t comment on your stories maybe she hasn’t even read the letter? Maybe she has a pack of letters that she sends men no matter what they write her? Stay away from such girls – they will make you hope and wait endlessly for anything real.

• She refuses to talk with you via video-chat

Video-chats usually cost much more than ordinary chats, but it’s the best way to make sure you communicate with the person from the profile. You know, meeting people online is always tricky. It often happens that people conceal their true selves as pose as different personalities. Video-chat will help you figure out how true everything you’ve been told earlier is. If for some reason she refuses to talk with you via video-chat you should be worried. She may tell you that she doesn’t have a webcam and ask for money to buy it, but it is ever a clearer indication of internet scam.

• She falls in love with you within a very short period of time

No matter what you tell her, her affection grows stronger and stronger every day. Don’t ever believe a woman who claims she has fallen in love with you from the moment she saw your picture. It’s not the same as meeting somebody in person and having that tickling feeling of increasing sympathy for somebody. There’s no such thing as love at first sight on Internet. In order to develop feelings for a person you met online clearly you need time. You need to get to know her and start trusting her.

• She is in some kind of trouble and needs you to send her money

Be careful when you get such requests from people you met online. Of course none of us is secure from various misfortunes, but you don’t ask people you just met to give you a hand or even provide money. If you do get such request from the woman you’ve known for some time, try to learn more information from other sources and consider it carefully.

So, now that we know where to meet Russian brides that how to avoid Internet scam let’s figure out how to conquer these beautiful ladies.

• Show interest in their culture

Russians and Ukrainians are usually very proud of their culture and they really appreciate when foreigners pay the same respect to their mother land. Life in these countries can be quite tricky, but Russian brides are true and loving patriots despite of all the difficulties. If you are willing to be on good terms with a Russian lady, you’d better show your interest in Russian culture and history. It would be a considerable advantage to know some Russian. Truth be told, it is a very difficult language to learn, but if you do (at least to a certain point) it will show your lady that your intentions are serious and you are not just fooling around.

• Show that you are willing to take care of her

Russian women are not spoilt by the European feministic movement and they do appreciate men who can take care of them. They would never feel insulted if you open a door in front of them, pay for their dinner and so on. Just be a gentleman in the old-fashioned way – Russian women do like when men court them.

• Don’t be too pushy!

Don’t expect her to fall into your arms just because you’re a foreigner. For some reason foreigners think that life in Russia and all post-soviet countries in unbearable and they are some kind of saviors for Russian women. It’s not entirely true, so if you want your woman to leave her mother land and move to your country you need to give her a good reason for that.


• Show her that you like her for who she really is

Sometimes men look for some novelty and exoticism; that explains their ardent desire to marry namely a Russian or Ukrainian woman. In such cases they are not really interested in whom they actually marry, they are obsessed with this Russian fetish. Russian women are well aware of that and naturally they don’t like to be seen simply as exotic puppets. In order to avoid such situations you need to show your woman your serious intentions and willingness to be with her for her true self. Show interest in her hobbies, her most favorite occupations and so on. Just be really into her, in this case you won’t have any problems.

• Ask her out

Naturally in order to build any kind of relationship you need to invest in it. When we say invest, we don’t refer only to the financial side of the matter. You need to invest your time, your attention and lots of other things. If you feel that your new acquaintance has a chance of turning into something more serious, don’t waste your opportunity and ask her out. If you want to impress her, choose a nice place and bring flowers. Don’t be disappointed if your girl is late. Can you imagine how much time it takes to look as stunning as she does?

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