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How to get physical with Ukrainian women

The ability to sexualize the interaction is the most important skill in Ukrainian dating because most Ukrainian girls are more traditional. Unlike western women who are more proactive in dating and relationships, Ukrainian women tend to be shy and expect you to make the first move. So, let’s find out how to do it properly!


Make sure you don’t smell like shit & you don’t have a bad breath. Actually, you must always make sure that your grooming is good because women from Ukraine are usually very good at this – they also expect you to be presentable. Sometimes details can become the deal breaker, e.g. if you smell like shit, you won’t get the results you want, no matter how well-dressed you are. That means a $10,000 Armani suit doesn’t work when you smell like a pig. Therefore, you have to pay attention to details before you go out to meet Ukrainian beauties. Always use a high-quality cologne as a low-quality cologne only makes you smell like toothpaste. If that’s not within your budget, you can find out which cologne you like in the shopping mall when you are window-shopping, and then buy it online at a much lower price! Meanwhile, you can’t afford to have a bad breath because that’s the biggest turn-off! You would be well-advised to brush your teeth with an electronic toothbrush twice a day and floss your teeth regularly. Also, don’t forget that you should always use a mint after each meal! This is the pre-requisite of a good make-out session later!



Observe her reactions and re-calibrate well. When you begin to physically escalate on a Ukrainian girl, you must observe her reactions. Usually, there are three types of reactions: 1) yes; 2) neutral; 3) no. If you touch her hand and then she is walking down the street with you hand-in-hand, that means she gives you a yes reaction. If you give her a hug, but she doesn’t really want to hug you, meaning she isn’t giving you any energy, that’s a neutral reaction. Another example is if you want to kiss her but she gives you her cheek instead, that’s also a neutral reaction. By the way, neutral reactions aren’t bad because as long as the girl is still here, that means she is actually interested in you. Otherwise, she could have left already. Lastly, if she gives you a bad reaction, you know it’s a no, e.g. she shows an obvious rejection; she tells you off. However, you can still change the dynamics if you are very well-calibrated.



Three recovery steps to deal with a no reaction: When the beauty from Ukraine gives you a no reaction, you’d better follow these three recovery steps: 1) You must stop doing it now. Yes, that’s right. You should stop getting physical with her immediately because no means no. 2) You need to apologize immediately. For instance, you can say, “Sorry. I was too upbeat and happy today. Are you all right?” Now the Ukrainian stunner will know that you have understood what’s happening – you are aware of social dynamics. 3) You don’t feel upset. You are still positive, funny and happy after her no reaction. Now she knows that you are cool with it. That means you live in abundance – you can have many other women if you want to, so you don’t really need her. In other words, you want her, but you don’t need her. After doing these three steps, if the woman from Ukraine is still here, that means she is actually into you. In fact, if you can do these three recovery steps very well, chances are she will like you even if she didn’t like you previously, because you are obviously a very cool guy who has the right social skills and is very confident as well.



It’s always easier to take a risk first and then apologize later. Asking for permission is always harder than apologizing later. Let’s say you are dating a Ukrainian lady and you ask her, “Can I kiss you now?” “Can I touch your boobs now?” – that’s f**king weird. Clearly, asking for permission is always a bad move. However, if you simply get physical with her first and observe her reaction, chances are you’ll get good reaction from her easily. The key is to learn calibration! Hence, you can always sexualize the interaction first and apologize later if you need to. Please remember that most ladies from Ukraine don’t want to look like sluts. That’s why they may give you a neutral reaction or a no reaction when you get physical with her, so it’s your job to make sure she feels comfortable. That is to say, when you get a neutral or a no reaction, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. She just wants to look like a good girl! Oh, I’d like to remind you that when you touch a Ukrainian girl, don’t look at your hand, e.g. don’t look at her shoulder or your hand when you put your hand on her shoulder. You need to look natural and effortless!


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